Agricultural business focuses
HollyHolding Group Has A Wide Range And Network Of Agents And Suppliers Globally, We Organize Process And Distribute Grain, Oilseeds And Other Commodities To Makers Of Food.We Also Has A Strong Focus On International Commodities Such As Wheat, Sugar And Barley. Our Agricultural Business Focuses On Grains, Oils/Oilseeds, Cotton And Sugar. We Handle And Market Wheat, Corn, Rice, Oilseeds, Meals, Edible Oils And Biodiesel. Our Producing Are Supported By Storage Handling, Processing And Port Facilities Based In Strategic Locations; We Are Exporter Of Grain From The EU, Russia, The Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Argentina And Australia. 

please check our product brands: Harvesco / Golden Star / Melford Hill Brand in Africa, Middle east, Asia and EU countries, Basmati Rice,Refine Suger, Refine Sunflower Oil or Refine Vagetable Oil 

HollyHolding Group specialized Rice makers and manufacturers, traders of long grain super kernel, super basmati, short grain, 385, 1121 extra long grain and D-98 varieties from Pakistan, we also import from India and Vietnam we have European standards having capacity to mill rice in significant quantities and process order fast. Our quality preference and price affordability.exports premium quality dried Red Chilli Undercut Hot Peppers, Flakes & chilli powder, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Cracked, Bishop Weed Seeds, Fennel Seeds and more. These seeds and spices are used for flavour and seasoning in food and also used for their medicinal value. Spices and seeds are used as adjuncts to impart flavour or piquancy in food and also for their medicinal value. We offer a variety of premium quality seeds and spices selected for their flavour and nutrition. We invite you to browse our Product for the highest quality seeds, spices and seasonings available.
Edible oil wholesalers and distributor
We are One of the fastest growing edible oil wholesalers and distributor in the UK supporting a range of customers from small independently to national and internatinal food establishments. We hold expertise in importing, supplying and exporting high quality Cooking Oil. Various Cooking Oils, that we offer, are Corn Oil and Sunflower Oil. We make available Cooking Oils that are in compliance with the highest quality food standards. These Cooking Oils comprise of requisite nutrients. Cooking Oils, provided by us, are widely used in various kinds of food preparations. Premium Cooking Oils from us at the market leading prices.

Exporting of carbonated drinks
We are specializing in Exporting Of Carbonated drinks. We are distributor and brand Management Company. As a distributor we offer softs drink and minerals to Europe and local market to our clients.We are able to supply a wide range of well-known brands to wholesalers and supermarkets, We Mainly deal in Container Loads 20ft to 40ft.  In drinks we mainly deal in branded Soft Drinks like coke and Pepsi Products and branded Water like Evian and Volvic. Our purchasing and account teams have significant expertise in sourcing and providing product training on our specialist agency brands. We supply large wholesalers and  food service industry and distributors.our own brand Harvesco basmati Rice,Harvesco Sunflower Oil and Harvesco vegetable oil also we sell Eshal Basmati Rice Golden Star Brand for Europe , Africa and middle east countries.